Retiring the original Invoice2go app

At Invoice2go, our goal is to provide you with the best mobile invoicing app available. To do this, we need to focus our efforts and use only the most up to date, reliable technology so we can continue to support your business needs.

For this reason, the original version of the Invoice2go app will soon be retired and will no longer be supported. This coincides with a major technology change coming with Apple’s next operating system (iOS 11). Any 32-bit apps, including the original Invoice2go app, will not be supported on the new Apple operating system. Read more.


You will be able to continue to use the app for the time being (as long as your device remains on its current operating system). However, external changes such as updates to operating systems may cause the app to break and result in loss of data in the future.


What are my options?

You have two options that will enable you to continue to safely use the Invoice2go app and ensure no data is lost:

  1. Update your Invoice2go app to the latest cloud-based version. This new app operates on a subscription model and you will receive a complimentary 12-month subscription on a Standard plan (see all plan types). This is a 64-bit app which will be optimized for use on iOS 11 and future operating systems. This offer is valid until September 30, 2017.
  2. Do not accept any prompts to update your operating system to iOS 11 once it is released. As long as you remain on your current operating system, you will be able to continue to use the original Invoice2go app.


I want to update to the Invoice2go cloud app

We’re committed to making your transition to the new cloud-based Invoice2go app as smooth as possible.

Once you’ve made the decision to update your app, please visit the iTunes App Store on an iOS device, or the Google Play Store for Android devices, to download our new, cloud-based app.

We do not have a way to transferring your old information into the new app.

I will not update my operating system

To ensure no data is lost and your original Invoice2go app continues to function as it does now, please decline all prompts to update your operating system. This will allow you to continue using the Invoice2go app and any other 32-bit apps on your device for the time being.

It is important to note that external changes, such as updates to operating systems, may cause the app to break and result in loss of data in the future.

The original Invoice2go app has not been updated or available for sale since late 2014/early 2015. With all of our engineering efforts now transitioning to focus on the new, cloud-based Invoice2go app, switching to the new Invoice2go app will ultimately be a far better experience for you: faster, easier to use and more reliable.

Be sure to choose one of the two options above before you download the new iOS, coming soon from Apple.

Note: This article applies to our customers who are using the original Invoice2go app with the white icon and green planes on it (image below).


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