Part of the update to the new Invoice2go includes integrating previous features into the core experience. Because of this, Apps2go will look different in the new Invoice2go. Here’s what you can expect:

Expenses: upgrade your receipt experience. You can take photos of receipts and add your expenses directly to your invoice.

Sign: make your invoices official. Add your signature during the invoice or estimate and leave a spot for customers to electronically sign and approve.

Statements: know who owes. Using the Statement feature you can click on any client in your list and see a snapshot of what they owe. Create a statement and email it to them straight from the client list.

Based on customer feedback our less popular features, inputting calendar entries (Calendar2go), adding location data for clients (Maps2go), scanning barcodes (Scan2go) and business activity statement previews (BAS2go) will not be available in the new Invoice2go.

You will still be able to add time entries during the invoice creation process and export a report that will give you all the information you need for your BAS, see Getting data for your Business Activity Statement for more information. 

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