Will my subscription automatically renew?

Your subscription, if purchased through Buy.2go.com, is set to automatically renew immediately at the end of the subscription term. You may disable or enable the automatic renewal of your subscription at any time.

For subscriptions set to automatically renew, Invoice2go processes a payment using the payment details initially provided at Buy.2go.com on the subscription’s expiration. The payment will be for the full amount of the subscription unless otherwise specified by a special offer or promotion.

If you upgrade during your subscription period, you will be set to auto-renew on the higher plan (e.g., if you buy a Starter subscription and one month later upgrade to a Pro subscription, your auto-renewal cost at the subscription’s expiry will be equal to the full cost of the Pro plan.

Note: This article only applies to our customers who have purchased an Invoice2go subscription at Buy.2go.com. This does not apply to our customers who have only made purchases through the iOS and Android app stores.

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