How Does My Customer Pay Me Online?

After you enable the option to accept debit and credit card payments, each invoice you send will include a “View Payment Options” button on it which will take your customer to an online payment form where they can pay. Your customers can pay with any debit card or with a major credit credit. Additionally, if your customers have Apple Pay setup and meet the device and operating system requirement, the Apple Pay option will appear on your invoices.

If you are accepting PayPal payments, the option to pay with PayPal will be included in the online payment form.

  1. Turn it on — your invoices include a “View Invoice Summary button for customers who want to pay online
  2. Your customer pays — your customers click on the “View Payment Options” button to make a secure payment. A transaction fee is subtracted from each total amount paid.
  3. Receive your payout — when your money is ready, we’ll send you an email. Payments typically take 1-2 business days to reach your bank account.


Helpful Tips

  • Email yourself an invoice to better understand how the experience works for your customers. You can test it out by paying your own invoice.  The first transfer always takes 7 days, so this will help you clear the initial hurdle. You can always refund yourself later.


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