Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Updates

Updated June 12, 2018

At Invoice2go, we are constantly evolving our business and product offering to deliver the best possible experience for our users. To ensure our legal terms keep pace with best practices and stay aligned with our latest product and features, we are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Summary of key changes:

  • Privacy Policy: We reorganized and simplified the Privacy Policy to make it easier to understand how we use and disclose your data.
  • Terms of Service - Submitting Financial Information: We've added a lending clause which explains that our customers and end clients may have the opportunity to accept lending. It also notes that Invoice2go is not the lender, and that the relationship will specifically be between the lender (BestEgg or Square) and the merchant or end client. Accepting payments through Stripe is a way for customers to receive card payments for the invoices they generate through Invoice2go. If the customer chooses to utilize this option, the financial information submitted (e.g., tax ID and bank account number) will only be allowed in the specific data fields designated within Invoice2go, to protect customer privacy. The updated language makes this clear.
  • Terms of Service - Avoid Submitting Certain Sensitive Data: There are other kinds of sensitive information—health information, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers, for example—that Invoice2go will never seek to collect from our users. We have added clear rules that tell users never to upload these kinds of sensitive information to the Invoice2go product.

This summary is meant to help you review and understand what’s changed in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. However, we also recommend you read the full documents, since their terms apply to you whenever you use the Invoice2go product.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions about these changes, please reach out to our customer service team.

What if I do not agree to the changes?

If you do not agree to our new Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, you may continue to use your account for now, but eventually will have to accept the terms in order to continue using your account. If you still don't wish to accept, contact customer support to close your account.

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