Manually Charge A Credit Card For An Invoice

The Invoice2go Charge a Card feature allows merchants to make payments on behalf of their customers by inputting their customer’s debit or credit card information to manually make a payment.

Charge a Card is a great way to make invoice payments if your customer wants to pay you in-person or over the phone.

To make payments on behalf of your customers, you will need the option to accept debit and credit cards payments enabled.

To help prevent fraud, there is a $2,000 AUD payment limit per charge. Regardless of the currency, the nominal amount cannot exceed 2,000 (e.g. $2,000 AUD, €2.000 EUR). For example, you would be able to successfully charge your customer’s credit card for $2,000 AUD, but would not be able to make a payment for $2,001 AUD. If your invoice total exceeds $2,000 AUD, you can make several Charge a Card payments on one invoice to pay off the total balance.

When you charge your customer’s card, both you and the customer will receive an email payment receipt from Invoice2go. Like other payments, you can manage all of your Charge a Card payments from your Stripe Dashboard.

Be mindful that identity fraud can happen when accepting payment, and that when you charge a customer’s card you are responsible for determining whether the payer is who they say they are. If your customers provides a stolen credit card and you charge it, you will be liable to compensate the card holder for the loss.

In partnership with Stripe, Invoice2go provides the Charge a Card option as a convenience to you to help you get paid faster. When using this feature, make sure that you comply with Stripe’s terms of service.

iOS and Android 

  1. Open the invoice you want to pay
  2. Tap Payment 
  3. Tap Charge a card
  4. Enter your client’s credit or debit card details
  5. Tap Charge


  1. Open the invoice you want to pay
  2. Click on either the Preview or Send tab at the top
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, click Add payment
  4. Click Charge a Card
  5. Type in your customer's credit card details
  6. Click Charge

To make payments on behalf of your customers, you must have a Standard, Advanced, or Unlimited subscription plan. If you are on the Invoice2go Lite Plan, upgrade to use Charge a Card.

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