Improved Invoice Editing Flow

Our latest update on v10.29 includes an improvement to the invoice edit flow allowing you to send invoices faster, with fewer steps than ever before.

Shave minutes off the time it takes to invoice with our latest updates:

✓ Fewer steps to create, edit and send invoices 
✓ Easier editing, tailored for mobile
✓ Take actions like sending invoices and adding payments directly from the invoice preview
✓ New, more intuitive action bar for emailing and messaging your invoices, and adding payments

Take a few minutes to get familiar with what’s new, then enjoy fast and easy invoicing with everything you need to create the perfect invoice, now in one spot!


Old edit experience   



New edit experience


Fewer steps to create an invoice: To streamline your workflow, we’ve consolidated your most important invoice options from two screens into one. Online payments, payment reminders, and recurring invoice options have been moved onto the main edit screen for easy access.

Easier editing: Simply tap in any section to make quick edits to an invoice, and hit Save when you're done.

Action bar: When you create a new invoice, you will see a blue action bar appear at the bottom of the screen once you Save your invoice for the first time. You can use this action bar to easily Email the invoice, Message the invoice, mark a payment, print, sign, and more. When you scroll on your invoice, this action bar will stay static on the page to allow easy access to these actions. 



Online payments: You will also see the options to enable online payments on the invoice create screen. If you choose to toggle on the Online Payments option at the invoice level, your customer can then pay your invoice using a credit or debit card.


Preview: The Preview screen now shows you a full-screen preview of your invoice, and is just one tap away. It can be accessed when you’re editing and after you have saved your invoice. No more need to tap "back" to send an invoice - you can now email, message, or add payments to an invoice directly from the preview screen.




Paid status: Finally, when an invoice is fully paid, you will see a green check mark under the invoice number, along with the date that it was marked fully paid.


To see step-by-step instructions on how the invoice creation flow works, feel free to reference the following articles:



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