How We Handle Feature Requests at Invoice2go

We receive a lot of incredibly valuable feedback from every type of small business, from every corner of the globe. While we do read and value every piece of feedback, we have to say ‘no’ to a lot more than we’d like to.

We want to be transparent about how we handle your suggestions, how we make decisions about what features to work on, and which ones we don’t.

How to Submit Feature Requests

Everyone is invited to submit feature requests and suggestions. You can share your ideas with our support team by clicking Submit a request at the bottom of the page and submitting a ticket. On social media, message our Facebook page, or Tweet us @Invoice2go.

We love this type of feedback. It helps us better understand exactly what you need to make your day to day as efficient as possible.

How Feature Requests are Prioritized

Popularity of ideas, while important, is not the only factor that influences what goes in, and what doesn’t.

Great ideas come from a number of places, and for each one we receive, we ask ourselves a series of questions, including but not limited to: Will it benefit everyone? Does it fit with our long term vision? Can we do it well with the resources we have? 

How to Track a Feature Request

While we want to be as open as possible about features we are working on, we don’t publish exact timeframes or long term product roadmap.

You can track the progress of new features by following the Invoice2go blog, where we’ll periodically post updates on what’s new at Invoice2go, and which feature requests we’ve put into action. You can also follow us on Facebook, or Twitter.

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