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Updated as of June 20, 2018

We recently updated Invoice2go and received a lot of insightful customer feedback. Based on that feedback, we've already completed and released updates to the new app and are working to release another range of improvements that will be coming out soon.

Please make sure that your app is updated to the most recent Invoice2go version so you have access to all the latest features and bug fixes. If you haven't done so now, please update your app to the latest version: click here for iOS and here for Android.


  • Send Estimates for Approval: Smarter estimate actions will help you close deals faster and win more business. Your customers can now approve estimates on the spot and pay for the job up-front. You will also be instantly notified when an estimate is approved, and can quickly turn an estimate into and invoice in just one tap. 
  • Time Tracking: Add time entries to your invoices to log hours from a job.
  • Request deposits: you can now request advance payments on your invoices. Accepting deposits gives you the cash you need to cover upfront expenses and lower your risk of late or unpaid invoices.
  • Social Sign On: Sign into your Invoice2go account in one tap by linking your Google account.


We are working as fast as we can to roll these features out to you and you’ll see them appear in the coming weeks.

  • Xero integration
  • Social sign on with Facebook
  • App orientation and design improvements


  • Bas2go: For those of you who used BAS2go, you are now able to generate this information as a report. While it won’t be in the ‘app’ form like the old app, you will be able to see the same data for the reporting period you select. The new BAS report is now available in the app along with all other reports.
  • Calendar2go: For those customers using Calendar2go, we have extracted all your historical data and emailed this to you. We know this isn’t the same as having appointment and time tracking capability back in the app, and we’re working on that too. More to come in future updates.
  • Client Profile Management:
    • We've transformed the client area within our app, populating it with rich and actionable information. Read more about managing your client profile here.
    • The Client list has been revamped to include the amount each client owes next to their name. Additionally, the client list can now be sorted by the amount owing so you can easily see who owes you money. Read more about sorting your clients lists here.
    • Map Integration: Updated client profile now features visual map cards and address autocompletion
  • Costs: The cost field has been reintroduced to the items list. When you create an item, you now have the ability to add a cost, along with your rate. The new cost amount will appear when you add an item to a purchase order, making it easier for you to manage pricing for your suppliers and customers separately.
  • Estimate Management:
    • Statuses have been added so you can mark estimates as 'approved' or 'declined'.
    • Estimate list is now split into 'pending' or 'done' to help you stay organized.
  • Expense Image Exports: Now you can export your expenses within the app, with photos of your receipts attached
  • Home Screen Carousel: New to your home screen carousel and reports dashboard is the addition of a colorful stacked bar graph showing your Sales by Client. This graph identifies your top 5 clients and the percentage of business they equal.
  • Improved Invoice Editing Flow: New changes to the invoice creation process include an action bar, full-screen preview, and fewer steps to send invoices
  • Mobile point of sale: We’ve integrated with PayPal Here, so you can now get paid in person, and receive funds in your PayPal account in seconds.
  • PayPal Express Checkout: All countries now have the ability to enable PayPal as a payment option.
  • Reports: 
    • The colorful stacked bar graph has also been added to report drilldowns so you can now switch between table view and graph view for most reports.
    • Report tables have been made even more interactive and now drill down to reveal extra info:
      • Tap a client name for quick access to their details or to create a statement.
      • Tap on an invoice in a report to view an instant preview.
      • Tap on any summary report to see linked reports and a full data breakdown. No more having to launch separate reports one at a time.
  • Send Documents via Messaging Apps: Send any document type including invoices, estimates, credit memos and POs, directly to your customers through any messaging app on your device. This will give you more options to communicate with your customers in the way you find easiest, and most importantly — in the way they want to communicate with you.
  • Shortcuts: 
    • You now have the ability to take bulk actions on invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos, such as marking multiple invoices as paid.
    • Additional quick actions have been added to lists. You can now copy an estimate to an invoice and mark an invoice as paid with a quick swipe left. One extra tap and you can email, print, add a transaction or open your document as a pdf for easy sharing (iOS only).
    • You can now mark an invoice as paid by swiping right (Android only).
  • Statement Management:
    • Credit memos are now reflected as a line item on your Statements.
    • Overpayments will also be highlighted on Statements.
  • Taxes: 
    • Now when you copy documents, you'll have the option to either apply your general tax settings, or carry across the tax you've set up on the original documents.
    • How taxes are reflected on an invoice has also been updated. The total tax applied is calculated as a percentage of the subtotal and appears in your invoice summary. Click here to see a breakdown of the basic tax components of an invoice and how tax is calculated.
    • Invoice and expense lists will now be filtered by tax year instead of calendar year.
  • Terms and Conditions: The space for Terms + Conditions has been increased so you can now enter up to 9,000 characters.
  • Today Home Screen: The Today inbox icon at the top right corner of the home screen gives you access to your daily to-do list of outstanding invoices. Today is the quickest way to stay on top of your money, and get paid faster. 


  • Image quality when uploaded to a document
  • Quantity and rate fields editing issue in portrait mode on iOS devices
  • UI improvements throughout the app to better accommodate more languages
  • Payment reminders on invoices



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