Today Home Screen: Overview of Outstanding Invoices

The Today feature, available for Pro Plan users and above, is your one stop shop to see what you are owed. It gives you a clear view of your outstanding invoices as well as the option to quickly follow up with your clients. With Today, you can stay on top of who owes you money and make sure you never miss a payment again.

To access Today, go to your home screen and tap on the inbox icon in the top right corner.

Your invoices that are overdue will display at the top of your screen. Each invoice card gives you a quick overview of:

  • Outstanding balance due
  • Client details
  • Sent status (if the invoice is unsent/sent, and the date it was sent)
  • Quick actions to email, message, and mark as paid




Below your overdue invoices will be your invoices that are due soon. Invoices that are due within 30 days will be displayed in this section.


To access Today, tap on the Today inbox icon on the top right corner of your home screen.


Once you have reviewed your invoices, you can choose to exit out of this home screen display by tapping on the "X" at the top left of your screen. This will take you back to the Invoice2go home screen.



  1. Tap the client name to be taken through to their profile for a view of all activity you’ve had with that client
  2. If you mark an invoice as paid, it will disappear from the list.
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