Invoice2go Android App Version 10.19.3 Unable to View Documents Issue

The current Invoice2go Android app version 10.19.3 is experiencing an issue where documents in the invoice list aren't initially showing up and appear to missing.

Please note that even though your documents may not be visible on the screen, your documents are safe on the server and are not missing.

Our team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. 

Please follow these steps to get your documents to reappear:

  1. From your invoice list on your Android device, tap on the search option at the top of the screen
  2. In your search bar, type in the number 1 and then tap on Search
  3. After you have searched the number 1, tap on Cancel next to the search bar
  4. All of your invoices should now all be visible
  5. Repeat steps if you see the problem appear again

Please stayed tuned to this article for further updates. We will update it once the issue is resolved.



January 4, 2018

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