Improved Home Screen Overview

Big improvements have been made to the way you can keep track of your business reports with Invoice2go. With our refined home screen overview, the way your business insights are presented is now effortless to find and simple to read, and monitoring the health of your business is easier than ever.

With the improved home screen overview, we’ve added several additional reports to the home screens on both the mobile and web Invoice2go experiences. On the mobile application, you will still see your insights for overdue and unpaid invoices, along with reports for your Unsent invoices, your Tax Year sales, and your Pending estimates.

On the web application, we’ve moved your current month sales report up from the bottom right corner to the top of the screen. Additionally, we've also added your Tax Year sales report along with a report for Pending estimates to the home screen. 

New Experience- Web


New Experience- Mobile 


Reports Expanded View

With the previous mobile home screen reports experience, tapping on either of the reports would redirect you to the invoices section of the app. With the new mobile experience, you can tap on the overdue invoices, tax year sales, or pending estimates report to view an expanded version of the report. This will help further break down the report to show you additional insights (see below).

Overdue Invoices Expanded View



Tax Year Sales Expanded View



Pending Estimates Expanded View 



On the web experience, you can see an expanded view of the overdue invoices and pending estimates reports by clicking on them.

Reports Accuracy 

For the most accurate reports, you will want to ensure that you are always taking any required actions on your documents and account such as marking invoices as paid, deleting any unneeded invoices you do not intend to send, and making sure your tax information is up to date. Additionally, please note the following precautions regarding reporting accuracy,

  1. If you create an invoice for a client without saving them to your client list, you will not see detailed data for these clients in the expanded view of your pending estimates or overdue invoices reports. 
  2. If you create a new client without assigning them a name you will not see detailed data for this client in the expanded view of your pending estimates or overdue invoices reports. 
  3. If you delete a client from your client list, you will not see data for this client in the expanded view of your pending estimates or overdue invoices reports. 


What do I need to do? 

To use this feature, please make sure your Invoice2go app is running on the latest version via the Google Play or Apple app stores. On the web application, no action needs to be taken. 

I have other users on my account. What if I don’t want them to see these reports? 

If you have multiple users on your account, only users who are marked as Access to everything users will be able to see any reports and insights with their monetary value. If you do not want a user on your account to see the monetary value associated with your reports, you should mark them as a limited access user. These users will be able to see document numbers associated with reports, but not their monetary value. For instance, they will see the number of overdue invoices, but not the dollar amount related to that report. For more information on how to manage your user permissions, please refer to this article

What if I do not want to see my reports on the home screen? 

If you do not wish to see your reports on the home screen, tap on Hide to collapse the report. When you want to see the reports again, simply tap on Show

Hide_Homescreen_Overview_Button_.png Home_Screen_Insights_Hidden.png


What are the benefits of these reports?

Along with giving you the ability to send invoices to your customers, Invoice2go wants to give you a simple way to keep track of those invoices and to understand the health of your business. Actively monitoring your reports will help give better insights on any actions you may need to take on the invoices you’ve created on the app. By moving these reports to the home screen, you can quickly monitor your business insights each time you log into the application. 

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