Jobs Beta

**The information on this page is relevant for customers who are a part of the Jobs beta only. Please note this feature is only available on the Web version of the Invoice2go platform.**

This year, Invoice2go has made the resolution to help keep you more organized, look more professional and win more work! We understand that keeping track of a job from start to finish can be hectic, and that sometimes, finding all related documents for a single job can be time consuming. We also understand that maintaining frequent communication with your client throughout the duration of a job is vital to both building your brand, and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. 

With the launch of our new Jobs feature, you can now keep conversations and documents related to a single job in one place to make the process of winning new business from negotiations to getting paid as streamlined as possible. Additionally, you can now communicate with your clients through the Invoice2go app so that you no longer need to worry about switching between applications for communication.

What does it do? 

Previously, Invoice2go could only be used for sending documents to your clients. When you sent a client an estimate, they would only have the option to approve it. If they had questions regarding the job or estimate, or needed to send you additional information such as photos, they would need to contact you via a different channel (email, text, phone, etc). Keeping track of conversations, notes, and documents related to the job at hand across several different platforms outside of Invoice2go could be time consuming, slowing down the progress of the job. 

With the new jobs feature, we are improving this experience. Now, you can house any conversations, documents, photos and files related to a single job all together in one place so they can be quickly accessed and easily referenced. This will help give you back more time so you can go out and win new work. 

Additionally, you will be able to communicate directly with your clients through the jobs feature, and clients will be able to respond to you directly through the Invoice2go web app.

Jobs Demo

For a demo of jobs please check out this short video.

You can also contact for any questions, feedback or a more in depth demo. 

How do I create a job?

To create a job, simply refer to the following steps. 

  1. From the home screen, click on Clients 
  2. Click on the client you’d like to create a job for 
  3. In the top right corner, click on the green button labeled Create
  4. Click on Job

Additionally, a job can be created when creating an estimate. After you’ve created your estimate, you will be asked if you would like to add the estimate to a new job. Simply click on Create a job when prompted and one will be created.

Where are jobs housed? 

Jobs will be housed within the Clients section. When you click on a client, you will notice that below their name where it used to only say Activity and Info that there is now a tab labeled Jobs. Simply click on Jobs to show all jobs related to that client. 



How do I use it?

When you have a job, simply click on it to be brought to the job portal for that specific job. You will notice that you have a text box where you can type a message to send to your client. Type your message in the text box and click Send. Like documents sent through the web application, messages will be sent through the Invoice2go server.

Your client will then receive an email informing them that they have a message from you requiring their attention. When they click to respond to the message, they will be brought to the job portal where they can then send you a response. Their message will show up both in your email and in the notifications section of Invoice2go.

The messages your clients receive will include your personalized branding that you set up within the Invoice2go app. This will help give your messages an extra look of professionalism. 

Your View


Your Client’s View 



When will I get access to the Jobs feature? 

On the 10th of February, we will add this feature for people who have been invited to the initial testing group.

We’d also love to hear what you think, the good and the bad. Feel free to send an email to and we’ll be happy to assist with any questions or comments that may come up regarding the feature. 

How do I add and edit estimates to a job? 

You can create and edit an estimate like you do today. When you are done you can add it to a job when you are prompted as you save or send the estimate. Alternatively, you can go to a job and select the ‘add estimate’ button and then select the estimate you wish to add to a job.

How do I add files to a job? 

Within the job portal, click on the button labeled Add a File. You can then add PDF files or photos to your job. These files can be quickly referenced each time you go into the job portal. For the initial launch, these are the only two types of files that can be added.

Is the job portal only for communication?

Absolutely not. In addition to your client being able to communicate with you through the job portal, they can also click on Details to view your contact information that you set up within the Company info section of the app. Additionally, estimates added to a job can be approved within the client portal.

Within the Files section of the portal, your estimate can be clicked on either by you or your client, and the estimate can be approved at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the green button (Labeled Mark as Approved from your side, Approve estimate from your client’s side).

What if I don’t want to communicate with my client but want to use jobs to stay organized? 

This is no issue at all! Jobs will remain completely private until you choose to send a message to your client through the job portal. This way, you can store your documents for that job in one place for your reference. 

Who will my messages to clients appear from?

All messages from your account (irrelevant of which employee or user wrote them) will appear as though they are from your business name. 

Can I use this on the mobile version of the app? 

For the initial release, this feature can only be used from the web version of Invoice2go. However, your clients can respond to your messages from either a computer or their mobile device. 

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