Features Being Removed From Invoice2go

To make way for the improvements that are being made in the new Invoice2go, we’ve had to pull back on the features used less frequently by our customers.

Invoice design changes

There will be an exciting new range of invoice designs for you to choose from. They’re professional, impactful and much easier to edit thanks to a clever new editing tool. If you were using one of our old invoice designs, when you updated to the new Invoice2go, your invoice design would automatically update to one of the new designs that have been optimized for better performance.


Part of the update includes integrating previous features into the core experience. Because of this, Apps2go will look a little bit different in the update. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Expenses: upgrade your receipt experience. You can take photos of receipts and add your expenses directly to your invoice. If you have recurring expenses they will be kept in a list for future use.
  • Sign: make your invoices official. Add your signature during the invoice or estimate creation stage and leave a spot for customers to electronically sign and approve.
  • Statements: know who owes. Using the Statement feature you can click on any client in your list and see a snapshot of what they owe. Create a statement and email it to them straight from the client list.

Based on customer feedback and low usage data, inputting calendar entries (Calendar2go), adding location data for clients (Maps2go), scanning barcodes (Scan2go) and BAS previews (BAS2go) will not be available in the new Invoice2go.

Instead you will be able to add time entries easily during the invoice creation process and export all the information you need for your business activity statement (BAS).

Adding users and creating teams

Adding users

We’re simplifying how you add users to your account. Once you update to the new Invoice2go, when you add a new user to your account you’ll select from just two options: access to everything or limited access. This means you can add, select and go with ease without worrying about checking the boxes.

For those users who already have permissions set up, all of your current users will automatically be moved to the category that makes the most sense.

So those who are currently marked as Administrators will receive “access to everything” which grants them use of all Invoice2go features.

Those who currently have a title like Manager, Bookkeeper, Invoicing Only and Custom will receive “limited access,” which means they cannot see reports, change any settings, or export any company data.


For those users who have teams enabled, what your team members are able to see within the app will also be based on the category they are in, either access to everything or limited access.

Users categorized as “access to everything” will be able to see all of the company’s activities within the app.

If users are restricted to “limited access”, they will not be able to see reports, change any settings, or export any company data.

Custom watermarks 

The ability to upload your own background watermark will no longer be available in the new Invoice2go. Instead, we are creating a smart new set of background watermarks that you can add to your invoices.

Terms and conditions 

We’ve created a dedicated field for any additional information you have, such as your Terms and conditions, so you’ll no longer need to upload a separate file.

Apple Watch app

We’re still busy building the new Invoice2go for the Apple Watch. It will be back in the future, but you’ll need to use another device in the meantime.

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