Latest Product Updates

Updated as of August 16, 2019

In 2017, we updated Invoice2go's app platform and received a lot of insightful customer feedback. Based on that feedback, we've released improvements for our app to make invoicing work flow easier and client relationships stronger for our users.

Please make sure that your app is updated to the most recent Invoice2go version so you have access to all the latest features and bug fixes. If you haven't done so, update your app to the latest version: click here for iOS and here for Android.


  • ACH bank transfersFor customers who use Stripe to accept card payments, you can now choose to accept payments on your invoices via bank transfer. Instead of using a card to pay, your end-clients can opt to use their direct bank account to transfer money to pay off an invoice, with the benefit of having much lower fees than card payments. 


  • Square Capital: We've partnered with Square Capital to offer US customers access to fast funding to purchase new equipment, grow your business, or invest in anything your business needs. Check your eligibility by tapping on Capital from side menu.
  • Payable Statements: Your customers can make bulk payments across multiple invoices and we’ll reconcile the payment across the invoices automatically.
  • Home Screen Redesign: The Invoice2go app's home screen is a quick and easy way to visually keep track of outstanding invoices. Our home screen now has a complete redesign, featuring a streamlined, professional look with quick action buttons that allow you to send an invoice or mark it as paid with the tap of a button. 
  • Appointments: We are launching our new appointments feature through WebApp and Android this month, for Enterprise and above. Appointments will allow you record jobs, to simplify the way that you perform work and get paid. 
  • Time Tracking: For Pro and above, keep track of the time you spend on a job by adding a date and duration to your time entries, and use our in-app timer to accurately track job times. 
  • Export PDF ReportsYou can now export your Reports as PDF files, in addition to the previous CSV file version that continues to be available. 
  • Xero Integration: First launching as a pilot version available to a select group of users, the Xero integration feature will allow you to  export your invoices to your Xero account to easily consolidate your invoicing, reporting, and accounting needs. 
  • Client Profile Management:
    • The Client list has been revamped to include the amount each client owes next to their name. Additionally, the client list can now be sorted by the amount owing so you can easily see who owes you money. Read more about managing your client profile here.
    • Map Integration: Updated client profile now features visual map cards and address autocompletion
  • Expense Image Exports: Now you can export your expenses within the app, with photos of your receipts attached
  • Improved Invoice Editing Flow: New changes to the invoice creation process include an action bar, full-screen preview, and fewer steps to send invoices
  • PayPal Express Checkout: All countries now have the ability to enable PayPal as a payment option.
  • Reports: Report tables have been made even more interactive and now drill down to reveal extra info:
    • Tap a client name for quick access to their details or to create a statement.
    • Tap on an invoice in a report to view an instant preview.
    • Tap on any summary report to see linked reports and a full data breakdown. No more having to launch separate reports one at a time.
  • Request deposits: Request advance payments on your invoices- accepting deposits gives you the cash you need to cover upfront expenses and avoid cashflow gaps.
  • Send Documents via Messaging Apps: Send any document type including invoices, estimates, credit memos and POs, directly to your customers through any messaging app on your device. This will give you more options to communicate with your customers in the way you find easiest, and most importantly — in the way they want to communicate with you.
  • Send Estimates for Approval: Smarter estimate actions will help you close deals faster and win more business. Your customers can now approve estimates on the spot and pay for the job up-front. You will also be instantly notified when an estimate is approved, and can quickly turn an estimate into and invoice in just one tap. Similarly to invoices, you can now request a deposit on an estimate which will be applied to your client's total balance due. 
  • Social Sign On: We added Facebook login as an option, so that now you can sign in to your Invoice2go account in one tap by linking your Facebook or Google account.



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