How Do I Migrate From the Legacy App or Classic Desktop Invoice2go?

If you are an Invoice2go legacy app or classic desktop user, you will only be able to access your Invoice2go documents on the device that you originally downloaded the app and created your account on. 

If you change or lose your device, you will lose access to those documents. We recommend exporting your data to a safe location so you always have your information. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to migrate your data to the new platform; however, our team is working on a solution in the coming months to help you successfully migrate this data.

We recommend that you use the new Invoice2go so all your documents and data going forward are automatically backed up and accessible from all devices. You can create a new account on our new platform by signing up at or by downloading the latest version from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play store

*Please note that this article applies to the old Invoice2go app (app icon with white background and green planes) and Classic Desktop product.

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