My Currency Changed When I Updated The App

You may have recently updated your Invoice2go app and found that some of the documents in your account have changed currency. You may also see that some of your Reports aren't correctly reflecting your total balances, due to a currency inconsistency.

If this is the case, please email us at with your account email, account ID, and the correct currency that you need your documents to be in. 

Our team is aware of a bug that could potentially cause your account documents to migrate with a different currency than the one you have currently set. Unfortunately, this is possible if you have recorded transactions in an altered currency on the previous version, and there no way to prevent this from happening when you update your app.

We understand that this is important to you, and assure you that we will address your support request in a timely manner to fix your account. Once we have a resolution, you will be notified by email. 

For now, if you haven't already, you can adjust the currency of all documents created going forward by navigating to Settings > Company Information > Currency and setting it to what you want to appear.


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