Invoice2go Insiders Program FAQs

hat is the Invoice2go Insiders Program?

The Invoice2go Insiders Program (currently in beta with customers in the US and Australia) rewards you for sharing Invoice2go with your network. 

How can I join?

This is a brand new program at Invoice2go, rolling out in 2018. If you have not been invited as an early member, and would like to be considered, please email us at Please send us your email address, account ID, and tell us a little bit about your business.

What are the benefits of joining?

By signing up, you can earn one of three rewards when someone subscribes to Invoice2go for the first time using your link (excludes Invoice2go Lite and Starter plans). Choose between a cash payout of $25, a gas card worth the same or a 3 month extension on your existing plan for each new customer you send our way.

You’ll also be helping others in your network by passing along a 60% savings on a tool that will help them in their business.

Beyond the rewards, by joining the Invoice2go Insiders Program, you’ll be one of the earliest members of the new program at Invoice2go. You’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the program, and will also be invited to help shape the product as well. In the future, we’ll be rolling out new program benefits, like exclusive events, more resources, and greater access to our team.

What do I need to do to earn cash bonuses?

Share your unique referral link with others when you tell them about Invoice2go, and remind them that they will save 60% if they sign up using your link. Every time someone you refer purchases a new Invoice2go subscription (excludes Invoice2go Lite and Starter plans), you’ll be rewarded. 

How do I know if someone signs up with my referral link?

We will keep you updated via email when someone signs up using your referral link. We will send you an email during the first week of every month to recap all the signups you referred from the previous month. You can also reach out anytime to us at to check on the status.

How will I receive my rewards?

We will send you an email during the first week of every month that recaps your referrals, and the rewards we’ll be sending your way. You’ll be able to choose between:

  • Cash rewards: You’ll receive cash payouts via a prepaid cash card that we will send you monthly for the total you’ve earned.
  • Gas cards: You will receive a gas card each month for the total you’ve earned.
  • 3 month extension: We will total up the number of 3 month extensions you’ve earned during the month, and send you an email when your Invoice2go account has been updated. This will happen by the second week of every month, for your referrals from the previous month.

Rewards are distributed every month, but we do reserve the right to hold a reimbursement until the referred account has been active for 90 days.

Who do I contact if I run into issues?

You can contact our team anytime at

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