Preparing for the New Invoice2go

Old versions of Invoice2go were shut down on November 14, 2018 (PT). If you haven't already updated to the new Invoice2go, you will need to in order to continue using the app. 

There are a number of items to be aware of before you update to the new Invoice2go. Please read through the list and reach out to us if you have any questions about the new Invoice2go.

If you are using Invoice2go on a mobile, you can update your app via the App Stores.

If you are using Invoice2go on the web, next time you log in you will be prompted to update to the latest version of Invoice2go. Simply select "Update now" to automatically update your account.


Understand that your invoice design may change

If you’re using one of our old invoice templates, when you update to the new Invoice2go, your template will be automatically updated to one of our new optimized looks.

The new designs are professional, impactful and much easier to edit thanks to a clever new editing tool.

Find out more information about your new invoice design


Send yourself a copy of an invoice

Send yourself a current invoice so you have it on-hand to copy any missing details straight into your new template. There shouldn’t be anything missing, this is a safety precaution only.


Take a backup of your data across all devices

It’s a good idea to manually back up your company data and store it for safekeeping before updating to the new Invoice2go. While we will be moving your data across, frequently backing up your data is a good practice to ensure you have a historical record of your work.

Learn how to back up your data


Save your items

All of the items in your Product List will automatically be transferred across to the new Invoice2go, so make sure that you save them before updating your app. Some items may be stored locally on your device auto-fill but not on your Product List. Check to ensure important items are on your Product list to ensure they move across.

How to add an item to your Product List


Changes to Apps2go

Part of the update to the new Invoice2go includes integrating popular features into the core experience and removing features that were rarely used. Because of this, Apps2go will look different in the new Invoice2go. Here’s what you can expect:

Expenses (previously Receipts2go)

A better receipt experience. You can take photos of receipts and add your expenses directly to your invoice.

Appointments (previously Calendar2go)

Manage your appointments. Create appointments within Invoice2go and easily add to invoices for streamlined billing.

Sign (previously Sign2go)

Make your invoices official. Add your signature during the invoice or estimate and leave a spot for customers to electronically sign and approve.

Statements (previously Statements2go)

Know who owes. Using the Statement feature you can click on any client in your list and see a snapshot of what they owe. Create a statement and email it to them straight from the client list.

BAS report (previously BAS2go)

Be ready at tax time. All of the information you need for your Business Activity Statement (BAS) can be found in the new BAS Report.

Based on customer feedback and low usage, Maps2go and Scan2go will not be available in the new Invoice2go.

To get a copy of your company data before updating, follow this guide to export your time entries from Calendar2go and other data including invoices, estimates, purchase orders, credit memos, clients, products, receipts which will be downloaded in a CSV file format.


Know what needs to be updated

If you update Invoice2go on one of your devices, it will initiate the update for your entire account. This means you’ll have to update the app on all of your other devices, such as tablets or smartphones.


Check in with the other people on your account

As soon as one member of your team updates to the new Invoice2go app, all of the other users on your account need to do the same.

We’ve also simplified how you add users to your account. Read this support article for more information.


Update your operating system

The new Invoice2go works best on iOS 11 and up, and Android 6.0 and up. However, it is  supported by the following operating systems:

For Apple users: iOS 9 and higher (available on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and above)

For Android users: Android 4.1 and higher (includes Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat)

Click here to see which operating system your device is currently running.


Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch app is not compatible with the new Invoice2go. Once you update the app on your mobile device, your watch app will no longer work.


Your Terms & Conditions

We’ve created a dedicated field for your T&Cs, so you’ll no longer need to upload a separate PDF file. You’ll still be able to upload image files.


Remember your password

Make sure you know your password before you download the app update. You’ll need it when you log back in. If you do forget it, you can reset it here.


Check your details

After you’ve completed the update, double check your account details in the new Invoice2go to make sure they are correct.

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