See When Customers View Emails

To help provide better visibility in sending documents to your customers, Invoice Status Tracking allows you to see when your customers have opened the documents you’ve sent them. 

Invoice2go shows you the status of each of your documents. All invoices that have been emailed to your customers will be under the Sent menu; here you can see when that customer opens and views your email. For example, when your customer opens the document you’ve emailed them, the status under the invoice number will change from Sent or Printed to Opened

There are six different document statuses:

  • Printed — the document has been printed
  • Sent — the document has been successfully emailed to your customer
  • Opened— the document has been opened and viewed by your customer
  • Overdue — the due date for the document has passed
  • Fully Paid — the invoice has been fully paid by the client
  • Partially Paid — partial payment has been collected for the invoice 

Invoice Status Tracking is an Invoice2go premium feature and will automatically be enabled in your account if you are subscribed to the Pro, Enterprise, or Unlimited plans. If you are currently on Invoice2go's Starter plan, upgrade now to use Invoice Status Tracking.


Note: Due to current Android limitations, if you are sending documents from an Android device, the status of your document will not change when your customer opens the email; however, if your customer opens the email and then clicks either the payment link or payment notification link, then your document status will change from SENT to OPENED.

Do these steps look different? If so, you may be using a previous Invoice2go version. See instructions here.

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