Authorize PayPal Business Account with Invoice2go

In order to accept PayPal payments with Invoice2go, you are required to link and authorize your PayPal business account with your Invoice2go account. You can do this before or after you receive your first PayPal payment. 

After you enable the option to accept PayPal payments and enter your PayPal, you will receive a welcome email from Invoice2go that will prompt you to authorize your PayPal business account. If you have not authorized your account by the time you receive your first PayPal payment, you will receive a transaction email from PayPal prompting you to authorize your account with Invoice2go so you can claim your money.

Granting Invoice2go permission to your PayPal business account enables Invoice2go to process payments for your invoices and issue refunds through the Invoice2go app. This also allows Invoice2go to update your reports if chargebacks occur.

Authorizing your PayPal business account with Invoice2go can be completed before or after your customer pays. If your customer pays before you authorize your account, PayPal will hold your payment in a “Pending” state until you complete the PayPal Invoice2go authorization. PayPal won’t allow you to withdraw funds until you are done setting up your business account.

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