Navigating Your App While Time Tracking

**Time Tracking is currently available to a limited number of Invoice2go users as a beta version.  We expect to include this new feature for all users in the near future and will update everyone when Time Tracking is available for all eligible Invoice2go customers to use.**

Time Tracking makes it easy to keep track of the time you spend on site and with a client without having to stop and start your timer each time you need to reference your app, or a different web page.  Use the minimize option on our latest feature to access a different section of your Invoice2go app while your timer continues in the background.


  1. Click the V in the right hand corner of your time tracker
  2. You will see your minimized blue timer and see your time as you navigate the Invoice2go website
  3. Click the same button to open your timer and continue adding notes when ready

Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_2.21.05_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-03-30_at_2.27.36_PM.png

Need to open a new web browser?  No problem.  So long as your browser with Invoice2go remains open and the timer has not been stopped, your time will continue to track in the background.  Closing or navigating out of your Invoice2go browser without saving your timer will permanently delete your time entry, and time entry notes.


  1. Tap the V in the right hand corner of your time tracker
  2. Your time tracker will display as a blue bar at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Continue to navigate through your app as needed to reference any information stored.  Your tracker will continue to run in the background
  4. Go back to the Time section of your app and maximize your time tracker to continue adding notes when ready
  5. Please keep in mind that your blue minimized bar will only appear when you're in the Time section of your app.  You'll no longer see the blue minimized timer when you navigate to different parts of your account, but your timer will continue to run.

Screen_Shot_2018-03-23_at_4.02.03_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2018-03-23_at_4.02.09_PM.png

Need to reference information in a different application?  Go for it!  As long as your Invoice2go app continues to run in the background and you do not force quit the app, your timer will continue to run.  Force quitting the app will permanently delete your time entry and your notes associated with the entry will be lost.

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