Syncing pending invoices

Connectivity issues can occur if your device is not receiving the strong internet connection required to run the Invoice2go app smoothly. Some issues that arise from a weak connection include:

  • Trouble syncing information
  • Pending documents
  • A spinning, loading circle when attempting to access different screens

iOS and Android

Pending Invoices

When an invoice is flagged as "pending”, this means it is currently saved only on your device, and has not yet been saved to our servers. This usually occurs due to internet connection issues at the time the invoice was created. You can usually solve this issue by ensuring that you are on a strong internet connection, opening the invoice, tapping Edit, then tapping Save.

Because the Invoice2go program is cloud-based, you do need a strong internet connection at all times to allow the app to sync. If you are like most of us, you might leave your device on all the time; this can cause data connection decline. We recommend that you power down your phone and power back up (turn it off and on) on a regular basis to establish a new internet connection.

If your documents are still pending after these steps, here is a workaround to save your invoice and remove the pending one:

  1. Open the pending invoice
  2. Tap Copy 
  3. Select Invoice as the document type and tap Copy again
  4. Once saved you will see two copies of this invoice, the original pending document, and a new one that should be saved
  5. You can then swipe right to left on the pending invoice and tap Delete to delete it from your app

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