What are my options for accepting payments on an invoice?

Invoice2go partners with Stripe (a credit/debit card processor), and PayPal, in order to bring you fast payment options you can accept online through your Invoice2go app. These payment options do come with standard processing fees. If you wish to accept payment on an invoice with a different option, you have many ways of doing so.

For all other options to receive payments that are not partnered through Invoice2go, you can manually add instructions on your invoice for customers to pay. Note that these options will not go through Invoice2go, and will be between you and your end-client only, so you will be responsible for managing these transactions. Some of these options that our customers use include:

  • Square Cash
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Google Wallet
  • request a check
  • request a bank transfer (coming soon to our app as an online payment option)
  • request cash

To add specific payment instructions through these methods, you can add notes on your invoice from the Client Payment Options, as well as Customize Invoice Options settings. 

iOS, Android, and Web

  1. Go to your Settings from the left hand menu
  2. Tap/Click on Client Payment Options
  3. Tap/Click into the box for Payment Instructions
  4. Here, you can describe how you wish your end-client to pay you, and leave notes on the information they need to pay you through the method you prefer


  1. Go to your Settings from the left hand menu
  2. Tap/Click on Customize Invoice
  3. Tap/Click on Options
  4. Tap/Click on Footer
  5. This will open a screen that gives you the option to leave either a generic message on all document types, or to customize the message for invoices, estimates, etc. 
  6. Here, you can leave payment information that your end-client needs to pay you through the method you prefer


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