ACH Bank Transfer FAQs

What banks do you accept?

Plaid supports over 3,000 banks. To see if Plaid supports your bank, you can search your bank on the screen “Select your bank” when linking your bank account. 

What are the limits to amount to transfer?

All transactions have a limit of $2,000.

What is Plaid?

Plaid is an authentication software that instantly authenticates accounts for payments through Stripe. Their software verifies user’s identities to reduce fraud. 

Is this payment method secure?

Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, meaning it complies fully with industry data security standards and keeps your data fully secure. 

What happens if a transaction fails ?

Stripe charges the merchant $4 for every failed transaction

Can I use ACH Bank Transfer as a method of payment in Canada?

No, ACH Bank Transfers are currently only available for US customers, and end clients must have a US bank account to pay.

Why did my end-client’s payment fail?

You will know a payment failed when you receive a notification email. Since Invoice2go will not have any information about the failure, we ask that you check with your end-client and their bank. There are only two possible fail reasons - insufficient funds, or unable to verify bank.

What is the benefit of using ACH Bank Transfer as a payment option?

Payment fees are much lower than credit card or PayPal payments. 

Can I partially refund an end-client for their payment?

Currently, it is not possible to issue a partial refund on a ACH Bank Transfer payment.

Where can I see my transaction history and payout schedule?

All payment transaction information is available in your Stripe dashboard, where you can also check your card payment statuses.

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