How does my customer pay me through ACH Bank Transfer?

Paying an Invoice through an ACH Bank Transfer is easy, and done similarly to how the credit card and PayPal method works. In order to pay you by transferring funds from their bank to yours, your client needs to have a verified bank account.

This page walks you through the process that your end-client goes through when paying your invoice online via ACH Bank Transfer.


  1. After opening the Invoice from their email, your end-client clicks on View and Pay Invoice 
  2. They will be taken to a screen with payment options, depending on what payment methods you have chosen to accept in your settings. To pay through ACH Bank Transfer, your end-client will click on the Bank tab
    • Screen_Shot_2019-02-27_at_10.15.22_AM.png
  3. They are taken to a screen that allows them to login to their bank account to make the payment
    • Screen_Shot_2019-02-27_at_10.18.14_AM.png
  4. After clicking Continue, they will be taken to a screen where they can select their bank account. Note that Plaid accepts over 300 bank accounts, but if they do not find their bank from the search, they will not be able to make the direct transfer.
    • Screen_Shot_2019-02-27_at_10.18.19_AM.png
  5. They will be prompted to login once selecting their bank, and then will be able to confirm the payment.


If the payment is successful, they will see a success screen. If they are unable to log in or payment is unsuccessful, they will see a payment error screen, and you will be notified by email. 




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