What happens to my account when my annual subscription ends?

Your Invoice2go annual subscription provides 12 months of service from the date of your last renewal. That means your account is set to expire on the same date each year if you are on an annual plan. When your subscription is about to expire, you will be notified in-app, as well as via email before the expiration date.

If your account passes the expiration date without payment, it will be automatically deactivated. In this state, your access will be limited to viewing your invoice list, client list, item list, and reports, but you will not be able to view or edit individual documents. Your account will remain in a deactivated state until you make a payment to renew your subscription.

To avoid missing your payment, you may renew your account up to 30 days before your expiration date. You will not lose the days on your current subscription if you do so.

What happens if I miss my payment for my subscription renewal?

If you let your account expire, it will automatically be deactivated. Your account data is stored within our servers, and will not be deleted unless you request for us to do so. We employ resources to store your data while your account is in a deactivated state. You can reactivate your account by paying the annual subscription fee after the expiration date. However, your next subscription will continue from the day your account was deactivated.

What if my business is closed, but I need to access my data?

When your subscription expires and your account is in a deactivated state, you may still export all of your account information from our web platform. See instructions here.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may request to cancel your subscription and/or delete your account with Invoice2go by following these steps for your device here.

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