Improved invoice creation & management

App Version iOS 10.110, Android 10.109

We’ve upgraded the Invoice2go app to make it even easier to create, manage and track your invoices.

The way invoices are created is now simpler and more intuitive. Key parts of the screen are now brought forward and will remain visible all the time, like the invoice amount. Other things like options to set up recurring invoices or to print the invoice have been moved and grouped in the next screen.

This article shows the improvements and compares screens before and after the updates. You’ll also see that the invoice creation steps are more intuitive and easier. 

The same improvements can be seen throughout the app, in Estimates, Purchase orders, and Credit memos.

What's New?

  • Improvements have been made to the invoice creation screen. Things that you don’t need yet have been moved to the next screen while important things like the invoice amount are now more prominent.



  • The blue menu bar has been replaced by a new preview & manage screen so there’s less clutter while you’re setting up your invoice. All the options you’re familiar with previously in the blue menu bar are still there in the new preview & manage screen: 
    • Send (Email, SMS, Other) 
    • Add payment (Charge a card, Record payment, Mark as fully paid)
    • More options (Print, Copy, Export as PDF, Sign)



  • You now have a green next button at the bottom of the screen.  
  • Tapping the new green next button automatically saves your invoice, and takes you to a new preview & manage screen. Don’t worry, you can still go back and edit the invoice if you’re not ready to send it off yet.
  • The preview experience on the new screen is now even better, taking you to full screen mode when you tap on the image of the invoice. The full screen mode lets you pinch and zoom to take a closer look at the invoice.


  • Also on the new preview & manage screen, you’ll see detailed information about:

    • the status of the invoice (e.g. sent, unsent, opened, overdue etc.) 
    • the due date
    • the total amount due
    • the balance remaining
    • a transaction history for the invoice

  • On the new preview & manage screen are also options to set up recurring invoices, record payments, and send payment receipts.



  • This change makes it easier to perform each task by removing clutter and grouping options that help you preview and manage your invoice quickly and easily.


The same intuitive workflow has also been applied to Estimates, Purchase orders and Credit memos.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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