Android Minimum Version 4.4 Requirement

With new, exciting features being added to the Invoice2go app, the minimum version required for Android users to have the ability to update our app’s software will now be Android versions 4.4 and higher. If your device is on Android version 4.3 or below, you will not be able update the Invoice2go app to access our latest features and bug fixes until you update your device’s software. The following steps will outline how you can update your Android to its latest version: 

Step 1: Make sure your device is connected to WiFi

Step 2: Tap on Settings


Step 3: Tap About Phone OR About Device (Depending on your device)

Step 4: Tap Software Update

Step 5: If system update is available, tap on Download and Install

Your device will then update to the latest Android version. 

Should you need any additional information, check out this interactive article which will help you understand how to update your device. 

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