Home Screen Improvements

There's no place like the home screen. With our newly refined updates to the home screen, the way you can now get to work when you log in to the Invoice2go mobile app is our most streamlined experience yet.


What's Changed? 

Our latest update provides four new changes to the home screen experience:

  1. In the past, your company name was always at the top of the home screen. We've moved that. Now, you can find your company name directly below the quick add items. Where your company name used to be now says, Home. This way, you will always know where you are in the app. 
  1. We've moved the search bar to give you more room to view your items in need of attention. The search bar was previously located directly above the quick add items. Now, it is in the top right corner next to the notifications bell. Simply tap on the magnifying glass to launch the search function.
  1. We've scaled down the number of quick add items on the home screen to our three most popular types; Invoices, Estimates, and Clients. Should you want to create a different type of document, no need worry, they can still be accessed from the side navigation menu. 


    Old iOS Home screen                        New iOS Home screen

Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_3.37.00_PM.png.                   Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_3.37.06_PM.png


Old Android Home screen            New Android Home screen

image__6_.png.                  image__7_.png            

  1. Before, when you scrolled up to bring up your items to check, it would encompass the entire screen, and you would not be able to tap on your search bar, notifications, or side navigation menu. Now, when you scroll up, you can free scroll throughout the entire home page as one singular screen, meaning your notifications, search, and side navigation menu options will always be visible when scrolling.


      Old iOS Experience                      New iOS Experience      

Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_3.36.43_PM.png           Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_3.36.52_PM.png


  Old Android Experience            New Android Experience 

Old_Android.2_.png               image__9_.png


But wait, there’s more!

We're working on more improvements to the home screen, based on your feedback. Stay tuned! 

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