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Invoice2go wants to help you win new business. With our new profiles feature, you can show off your business to prospective customers to grow your business faster than ever before.

What is my Public Profile?  

When you set up your Invoice2go account, you should have been prompted to fill out your Company Info within the Settings section of the app. Within this section, you could fill out information about your business such as your company name, a summary of the service you offer, your business address, company email, phone number, industry, along with other facts about your business. The information filled out here would show up on the documents you send out through Invoice2go.

With the introduction of Profiles, Invoice2go will take the information you filled out in the company info section and create a public facing page on the Internet for your business for potential and returning customers to view. Invoice2go will not create this page without your permission, however, displaying your company information online can help build trust with prospective customers, and is a great way to show off who you are and what your business does.

If you haven’t filled out all of the information within the company info section that you’d like to be displayed on your profile, no need to worry, any changes you make to your company info page will automatically be uploaded to your public profile. 

How do I enable my public profile? iOS and Android

To enable your public profile on iOS and Android, please refer to the following steps. 

  1. Go to Settings 
    • If you are a part of the new navigation experience group, tap on the icon of a face within a circle in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Company Info
  3. Toggle on/off Profile Page 
  4. Once toggled on, Invoice2go will pre-populate a unique web page link to your public profile. This is the link that can be used to show off your business profile to potential customers 
  5. Click on View to view your profile
    • Note: If you toggle off Public Profiles, the page will be unpublished until you choose to toggle the feature back on

    Company_Info_Profile_Toggle_Off.png  Company_Info_Profile_Toggle_On.png

How do I enable my public profile? Web

  1. Go to Settings
    • If you are a part of the new navigation experience group, click on your company name in the top right corner, and then click on Account and Settings
  2. Go to Company Info
  3. Under the section labeled Your business page, toggle on Publish your profile page
  4. Click Save in the top right corner 
  5. Click on the link next to Business page to view your profile


Please note, any changes you make to your company info page will automatically be updated to your public profile. 

How will it look? 

Below is an example of what a company profile may look like. This page will be tailored to your specific business, and will include any information you’ve uploaded about your business to the Invoice2go app, including your company logo. To adjust your company logo, you can follow the steps here.    






What if I already have a website? 

As previously mentioned, the profiles feature of Invoice2go is optional and can be enabled or disabled at any time. However, if you add your website to your company info, the URL will be included on your profile. This way, your profile can lead to more traffic coming into your site.  

What do I need to do? 

To use the profiles feature, please make sure your Invoice2go app is running on the latest version via the Google Play or Apple app stores.  

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