Disable Auto-Renew Subscription

You may disable auto-renew for your subscription at anytime. If you disable automatic billing, your subscription will expire at the end of your current term and you will lose access to any promotional pricing for which you were eligible.

When you disable auto-renew, you opt out of your auto-renew pricing, which means your next renewal price may change based on currency market fluctuations.

Invoice2go does not offer refunds for any time remaining in your current subscription term after you disable auto-renew or for any prior lapsed subscription terms.

Please note that auto-renew subscriptions do not apply to Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store purchases.

Follow these steps to disable auto-renew for your subscription:

  1. Go to the Invoice2go Billing Center
  2. Click on Disable automatic billing
  3. To confirm, click on Disable auto-renew
  4. Your account will no longer be set to auto-renew and will expire on expiration date

Do these steps look different? If so, you may be using a previous Invoice2go version. See instructions here.

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