Billing Appointments

After you create an appointment, you can add it to an invoice to send to your client for billing. 

Appointments can be added to invoices through 2 different methods:

  1. From the appointment itself
  2. Selecting the appointment on the Invoice 



To add a saved appointment to a new invoice through the Appointments tab:

  1. Go to Appointments and open the appointment that needs to be billed
  2. Click Bill appointment (located in right corner)
  3. A new invoice will be created with the client pre-assigned to the document, and the appointment included in the items section
  4. Click through the appointment to update the rate charged
  5. Continue creating the invoice as normal
  6. Save and Send the invoice when you are done


To add an appointment to an invoice when editing the document:

  1. Go to Create > New Invoice or open an existing invoice
  2. Click Appointments under the Items section
  3. Select the appointment to add to the invoice
    1. If the client is saved to the invoice, the client’s associated unbilled appointments will appear first
    2. If no client is saved to the invoice, all unbilled appointments will appear chronologically
    3. Multiple appointments can be added using bulk select, or added to the invoice one at a time.
  4. Save and Send the invoice when you are done



Can I add multiple appointments to an document?

Currently, appointments can only be added to invoices, and not other document types. Note that an appointment can only be associated with one invoice.  This means that the same appointment cannot be added to more than one invoice! 

However, you have the option to add multiple appointments to the same invoice. After creating a new invoice, click Appointments and either select or bulk select the appointments to add to the invoice. Adding multiple appointments to the same invoice allows you to bill a client for their time all at once.





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