Improvements to the New Invoice2go



Updated as of August 3, 2017


We recently updated Invoice2go and received a lot of insightful customer feedback. Based on that feedback, we've already completed and released updates to the new app and are working to release another range of improvements that will be coming out soon.

Please make sure that your app is updated to the most recent Invoice2go version so you have access to all the latest features and bug fixes.


  • Taxes: you now have the ability to define the property of a tax as inclusive or exclusive on an invoice and apply to all items. In addition, you can now add or change the tax rate on an invoice and apply it to all line items (currently available on iOS & Web, Android coming soon).
  • Reports: a totals row has now been added to the bottom of each report to tally your data.
  • Reports: you can now view reports in tables within the app without having to export. 
  • Reordering items: you can now rearrange the order of items on all invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos.
  • Sign: you can now sign purchase orders and credit memos.
  • Organizing your documents and easier list management: you can now view all unpaid invoices in a single list — the unsent and sent tabs are now collapsed into a single unpaid tab. Also you can filter invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos by year, view totals, sort by client, and sort lists in both directions (ascending and descending). 
  • Managing expenses: you can now sort expenses by category and date in both ascending and descending order as well as view totals for your expense list.
  • PayPal Express Checkout: all countries now have the ability to enable PayPal as a payment option.
  • Account management: for those who have multiple accounts, we are updating the company sign in experience where you select which company you want to sign into. Along with your company name, you will see your account plan, account status and account expiration date. This will help you make sure you are always signing into the right account.
  • Shortcuts: you now have the ability to take bulk actions on invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos, such as marking multiple invoices as paid. As many as ten documents can be updated at a time.
  • Search: you can now search your documents by most fields including: customer name, item description, product code, billing address, shipping address, and shipping tracking numbers. Additionally, you can search your client list by name, email, company address, phone and more.
  • Printing and PDFs: you will now see more consistency between invoice previews and PDFs and printed invoices. This will fix the majority of cases where invoices previewed as one page but generated a two page PDF. Further changes are coming to address the smaller number of remaining discrepancies.
  • Calendar2go: for those customers using Calendar2go, we have extracted all your historical data and emailed this to you. We know this isn’t the same as having appointment and time tracking capability back in the app, and we’re working on that too. More to come in future updates.
  • Bas2go: for those of you who used BAS2go, you are now able to generate this information as a report. While it won’t be in the ‘app’ form like the old app, you will be able to see the same data for the reporting period you select. The new BAS report is now available in the app along with all other reports.
  • Invoice status: we have fixed the issues relating to partial payments and other status errors.
  • Creating statements: Client statements can be created by opening your client list, selecting a client, and choosing 'Create a statement'. You’ll have the option to choose between sending your customers statements with all invoices associated with them, or just the unpaid ones.
  • Bug fixes: Some customers were experiencing the following:
    • Expenses were not accurately reflected
    • Decimal points were dropped when adding prices to items
    • Issues around non-taxable items
    • Not able to create client statements for fully paid invoice
    • Not able to email client statements
    • Contact details not showing when importing to client list
    • Invoice tax breakdown miscalculation
    • Purchase orders downloaded name incorrectly
    • Payments details were removed from certain invoices
    • Non-taxable item being marked when no tax was applied
    • Unable to download PDF on Safari
    • Autocomplete list always show prices in USD
    • Mark as paid button does not work on web app
    • Changes not saved when rearranging the items added to a document
    • Reordering document item flickers back and forth


  • Reports: you will soon be able to view a dashboard with charts, graphs and totals on web and mobile so you have an instant view of your business performance. 
  • Invoice statuses: you will see our invoice statuses updated so that unsent, send and opened will be separated out from printed, overdue, partially paid and paid.
  • Tablet and preview: design improvements are coming soon, including the ability to preview in landscape.
  • Invoice workflow: improving the time it takes to create and send an invoice e.g. bulk select items to add to an invoice and copy line items.

We are working as fast as we can to roll these features out to you and you’ll see them appear in the coming weeks.

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