I Cannot Log Into My Account

If you are unable to log in to your Invoice2go account, please follow the steps below to help troubleshoot the issue.

I forgot my account password

  • Check if the password is typed correctly
  • If you do not remember your password, you can reset it here

I keep entering the correct password, but it keeps asking me to sign in 

Your account has updated to the new and improved Invoice2go, but you are using an older app version on this device. As a result, your current app version is not compatible with the new Invoice2go — please update your app via the Apple App Store (iPhone & iPad) or the Google Play Store (Android).

I forgot my account email

  • Check if the username is typed correctly
  • You might have used another email address as the username for your account
  • If you are logged in to your account on a mobile device, you can view your username by going to Settings > Account details > Email

I am not sure whether I have a Cloud2go account

If you created your company using the new Invoice2go app (for iPadiPhone and Android) or on the web app then you have a Cloud2go account. These versions of Invoice2go work exclusively with Cloud2go. You will be able to log in with your username and password.

A company created with the old Invoice2go Paid app is a standalone company and does not have Cloud2go by default. You will have a Cloud2go account if you specifically set it up in this app and uploaded everything to the cloud.

The sign in option in the app asking for your username and password are for users with a Cloud2go account. If you have not set up Cloud2go for your company, you will not be able to sign in.

Do these steps look different? If so, you may be using a previous Invoice2go version. See instructions here.

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