How To Prevent Email Phishing Scams

With email phishing scams on the rise, businesses big and small need to be aware of how to protect themselves from the various attacks in circulation, and what to do should they fall victim.

We sometimes receive reports about clients receiving phishing attempts in the form of fraudulent invoices. These invoices are often accessed through the merchant’s email, and are altered outside of the Invoice2go platform to include illegitimate bank information. The invoice is then sent back to the client, usually from an illegitimate email alias. Our team reviews every report, and we are constantly implementing steps to control these situations.   


Example of a phishing email that has been reported


The best thing to do for the recipient of any of these suspicious emails is to delete any unrecognized emails and avoid clicking any links. You may forward these emails to our support email below, before you delete them, to aid in our investigation. As a precautionary measure, we also recommend you change the password of your email account and any other accounts that use the same password, including Invoice2go. If you use an email provider that offers two-factor authentication, considering turning this feature on.

To change your Invoice2go password,

  1. Follow this link to enter your Invoice2go account email
  2. A password reset email will be sent to you 
  3. Reset your password following the link in your email

To learn more about how to protect yourself from phishing scams, see our blog post. 

If you suspect that you have made a fraudulent purchase or if you've received a phishing email, please report it by emailing us at


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