Refund a Customer’s PayPal Payments

You can issue PayPal payment refunds at anytime either from within the Invoice2go app or from your PayPal account. Depending on your customer’s bank, the refund will show up anywhere between 5-10 business days after the refund is issued. Since refunds are processed through PayPal, please make sure to review their policy in relation to refunds and fees. 

If you are trying to refund a customer payment but haven’t granted Invoice2go permission to do so yet, Invoice2go will prompt you to authorize your PayPal account with Invoice2go. Once you complete the authorization, you can proceed with refunding your customer’s payment.

iOS and Android

  1. Open the invoice from your Paid invoices folder
  2. Tap on View transaction history
  3. From the payment history, tap the card payment that you wish to refund
  4. Tap Refund
  5. Select Yes to confirm


  1. Open the invoice the payment was made on
  2. Under the Balance line, click on Payment History 
  3. Hover over the payment, click on Refund
  4. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the refund

Helpful Tips

  • If your customer paid online, do not give them a cash refund — this is a common fraud scenario
  • Refunds may appear in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, the original payment will drop off of your customer's bank statement, and a separate credit is not issued
  • Refunds cannot be cancelled. If you'd like to charge your customer for the amount that you have refunded, you can create a new charge for your customer


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