Export Expense Report with Images

The export feature in the Expenses section of your account allows you to export your expense reports with your attached images.  Use the steps provided below to export your expenses with images on your device.


  1. Click Expenses on the navigation menu
  2. Click Export expenses, displayed above the expense list
  3. Select the desired year to export using the dropdown
  4. Click Export
  5. You will receive a confirmation on the site that confirms your expenses will be sent to your email

iOS and Android 

  1. Tap on More on the navigation menu
  2. Tap on Expenses
  3. Tap Export in the top right corner
  4. Select the desired year to export (all years, specific years)
  5. A loading screen will appear after selecting the desired year to export, and a confirmation in the app will confirm that the expenses will be sent to the user's account

Helpful Tips

  • At this time, the only tool to export your expenses with your expense images is to navigate to Expenses, and use the export feature available in this section of your account.
  • The exported report will be delivered to your email as a downloadable HTML file.
    • If you prefer to save expense images in PDF format, you can follow the steps located in this Help Center Article to convert your file in just a few easy steps.
  • Expense images will appear after the listed expenses (1 page/image).  Every expense image that exists in the report's timeframe will be included.
  • Your report will include all expenses, regardless of currency.  Currency codes will be displayed for all amounts, and each category total section will show the total for each currency that exists in your report.
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