Troubleshooting Error Messages

 Why am I receiving an error message when trying to copy my documents to Xero?

In order for the integration to work properly, you must have completed initial setup and ensured your Invoice2go and Xero taxes and currencies match. If these do not match, you may experience an error. Once your accounts have been successfully linked, you should be able to navigate to Settings>Connected Apps in Xero and see Invoice2go listed.

You can manually unlink your Xero account from Invoice2go by navigating to Settings>Xero and choosing Unlink Xero from the top right hand corner. You can manually unlink your Invoice2go account from Xero by navigating to Settings>Connected Apps in Xero and choosing Disconnect App.

Please note: You will receive an email from Invoice2go when your account has been disconnected. You can reconnect your Xero account at any time by completing the steps outlined in this article.


How do I correct these errors?

If you've followed the steps outlined above and you're still experiencing an error message when attempting to copy your invoices to Xero, please reference the chart below which outlines some of the errors you may be experiencing along with how you can fix it. If you're seeing a different error message than what is listed below, please contact for assistance. 

Error Code Error Message Reason For Error Solution
1001 Invoice not of valid status for modification This error occurs when an invoice is already authorized in Xero. Invoice2go only copies unauthorized invoices to Xero

When an invoice is voided, it can be copied again. Void the invoice in Xero by clicking the Invoice Options button and choosing 'Void'. Then try to manually copy from Invoice2go to Xero again

Edit the 'Authorized' invoice in Xero.

Please Note: These will not sync back to Invoice2go, so it could potentially create deviations between the invoices

1002 This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it This error occurs when an invoice has a payment or credit note already allocated in Xero. Invoices must be authorized prior to a payment or credit note being applied

Void the payment on the invoice in Xero or delete the associated credit note in Xero. Then attempt to copy the invoice again from Invoice2go. 

Having trouble deleting the payment from the invoice? Please reference the following support article

1003 This organization has Construction Industry Scheme enabled. This account code 210 cannot be used in line items via the API The Xero integration does not currently support creating or updating invoices with the Construction Industry Scheme enabled.  Contact Xero Support for questions regarding when CIS will be supported in the future
1004 This contact name is already assigned to another contact. The contact name must be unique across all active contacts This error occurs when a customer is attempting to copy a contact with the same name but it's not formatted in the exact same way across both Invoice2go and Xero. Ensure the client name in Invoice2go exactly matches what is shown in Xero
1005 Account code '***' is not a valid code for this document  Your Xero account code may not accept ACCREC invoices Make sure the Xero account code can accept ACCREC invoices
1006 Email address must be valid An improper email format has been entered  Ensure that the client billing email is valid
1007 One or more line items must be specified  An item hasn't been added to the document Ensure that 1 or more items have been added to the invoice before exporting
1008 Organization is not subscribed to currency XXX  Currencies between Invoice2go and Xero do not match  Navigate to Settings>Xero and ensure currencies match (Step 3)
1009 The TaxType code --- does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction  Taxes may not match between Invoice2go and Xero  Navigate to Settings>Xero and ensure tax rates match between Invoice2go and Xero (Step 2)
1010 The TaxType code --- cannot be used with account code '***'  Taxes may not match between Invoice2go and Xero  Navigate to Settings>Xero and ensure tax rates match between Invoice2go and Xero (Step 2) 
1013 The Total for this document must be greater than or equal to zero   The invoice total is negative  Ensure that the invoice total is a positive number before exporting
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