Add an Item to Items List

The items saved to your item lists can be used when sending invoices to your clients. All items have descriptions and associated rates. With each item, you can decide whether to assign a unit type to it, product code, or apply taxes.



  • Item code — The item code is where you can associate a number or series of digits with your item.
  • Item name — This is where you can provide your item with a name. When searching for items, the item name will be the main search parameter. 
  • Item description — The item description for your item should describe your product or service that you are providing. Item descriptions can be as customized to include all character types. *Note that item descriptions can’t exceed 1,000 characters.
  • Rate — Each item has an associated rate. The value you set for your rates will include dollars and cents (e.g. $99.99). Note that your rates cannot exceed 13 digits (e.g. $10,000,000,000.00); extra digits will be cut off and not be included on invoices. If you have quantity and rate disabled, you will see ‘Amount’ instead of ‘Rate.’
  • Cost — Each item can be associated with a cost. Item costs are usable on purchase orders. The value set for your costs will include dollars and cents (e.g. $99.99). Note that your rates cannot exceed 13 digits (e.g. $10,000,000,000.00); extra digits will be cut off and not be included on invoices.
  • Unit type — If you are looking to add labor based items, the unit type option allows you to specify whether you want your item set for days or hours. See the Display Parts and Labor Separately article to see how to add the labor option to your items and item list.
  • Product code — Product codes help you organize your item list. Product codes will be added to the front of each item (e.g. A10 - Paper). Once added, not only can you search for your product codes in your item list, but also when adding items to your invoice. These become especially helpful as your item list grows. See the Enable Product Code for Items article to see how to add product codes to your items and item list.
  • Apply taxes — With each item, you have the option to add items to an invoice with or without taxes.

iOS and Android

  1. Tap on More on the navigation bar
  2. Tap on Items 
  3. Tap on the green + symbol 
  4. Add an Item Name
  5. Add an Item Code, if applicable
  6. Add Item Description
  7. Enter Rate
  8. Enter Cost
  9. Select whether the item is Parts or Labor, if applicable
  10. Select Unit type (days, hours), if applicable
  11. Enable Apply taxes option, if applicable
  12. Tap on Save


  1. From the navigation menu, click Items 
  2. Click Add items
  3. Add an Item Name
  4. Add an Item Code, if applicable
  5. Add Item Description
  6. Enter Rate
  7. Enter Cost
  8. Select Unit type (parts, labor, days, hours), if applicable
  9. Toggle on Enable taxes option, if applicable
  10. Click Save

Global Toggle

All new items created on an invoice will directly be saved to the item list. To toggle this feature off, you hit the toggle button located at the top of the item list (mobile and web). By default, this feature will be on. When toggled off, items can only be saved through your item list.



The number of items you can save to your item list is set based on the quota set for your plan. 

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