Billing Time Entries

**Time Tracking is currently available to a limited number of Invoice2go users as a beta version.  We expect to include this new feature for all users in the near future and will update everyone when Time Tracking is available for all eligible Invoice2go customers to use.**

All time entries will be saved in the Time section of your account.  Similar to Invoices, this section will have two folders, Unbilled and Billed so you can easily see what time is still pending payment.  Unbilled time entries have not been added to an invoice, and billed entries are linked to their associated invoice.

Time entries can be added to invoices by going to your Unbilled Time folder and using the Bill Time button.  Use the steps below to add your tracked time to an invoice.

Screen_Shot_2018-03-16_at_2.21.25_PM_2-1.png Screen_Shot_2018-03-16_at_2.21.25_PM_2_2-1.png

iOS and Android:

  1. Go to Time and click open the time entry that needs to be billed
  2. Tap Bill time
    • Select if you would like your time entry details included in the invoice
    • Add your hourly rate or a flat rate to your time entry
  3. Tap Add to Invoice
    • Since a client has already been assigned to your time entry, the client's information will automatically populate the client section of your new invoice
  4. Tap Amount and choose Flat rate or Per hour to accurately bill the end-customer
  5. Tap Add to invoice and the time entry will be added as an item
    • Please note that if Parts & Labor is turned on, Time will be sorted under the Labor category




  1. Go to Time and click open the time that needs to be billed
  2. Click Bill time
  3. A new invoice will be created and assigned to the client.  The time entry will be listed as a line item in the new document with start date & time, and any notes associated with the time entry
  4. Click through price to adjust your hourly rate or add a flat rate to your time entry


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