Adding a Deposit Request To An Invoice Or Estimate

Requesting deposits from clients is an essential part of your business that helps get the job started, and confirms bookings.  Use our latest feature to add a deposit request to the invoice you send to your client.

You can add a deposit to an invoice from either your iOS or Android mobile device or from the web app on your computer.

The following steps walk you through how to add a deposit to your invoices:

  1. Create an invoice and fill out the appropriate information for your client (their name, billing information, items, etc.) or open the invoice that you need to add a deposit request to
  2. Tap Deposit request


3. You will have the option to set the deposit amount to a percentage of the total cost or a fixed amount.


4. Set the Due date and click Save

5. Save your invoice and send the document with a deposit to your client

  • Don't forget to send the invoice to your client!  Your clients will not see the updated deposit information if you're adding a new deposit request to an existing invoice, or editing an existing deposit request unless the most updated invoice has been sent

6. After sending the invoice or estimate to your client, they will be asked to make a payment. The client can either 1) pay the deposit amount or 2) the full document amount.

Please note: If you're sending a deposit on an estimate, your client will be required to first approve the estimate before making a payment. 


7. Once a payment has been submitted, your deposit request will be marked as complete and you will receive both an email and an in-app notification for your records. The deposit payment will automatically be reflected in the document transaction history and outstanding balance.

8. If your client made a deposit on an estimate, your document will automatically be converted into an invoice for you! You'll also receive an email letting you know your document has been converted.

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