Creating Appointments

Appointments are a core part of a business owner's work flow. Invoice2go now features the ability to create appointments, to simplify the way that business owners perform work and get paid. This is currently a premium feature and is available for our Enterprise and Unlimited users.

You can schedule appointments from the WebApp or on the mobile app (coming soon).



  1. From the home screen: click Create and select Appointment
  2. Or, you can open the side navigation menu: open Appointments and click on Create appointment
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_9.48.39_AM.png
  3. After opening a new appointment, you can input the following details:
    • Client & point of contact
    • Location
    • Date & Time (there is a 24 hour time limit per appointment)
    • Linked documents
    • Notes
    • Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_9.57.24_AM.png
  4. Click Save to save the appointment when you are done


What is a linked document on an appointment?

You can easily reference previous documents when looking at your clients and appointments. When creating an appointment, you have the option to link up to 5 documents to that appointment, including estimates, credit memos, or historic invoices so that you can view a previously estimated price, or previous work completed. Linked documents will not be included in the final invoice after the appointment has been added to an invoice and sent to the end-client.


What is a point of contact, and how does it differ from a client?

If you will be interacting with someone for an appointment that is not the main client (the person who will be billed), you have the option to add a point of contact to your appointment details. Adding a new point of contact does not create a new client, and the original client will remain linked to the appointment so the appropriate individual will be charged.  

To add a point of contact:

  1. Open the appointment
  2. Add the correct client and Save the client
  3. Toggle OFF the option to use client as appt contact
  4. Type in contact’s name, email, and phone
  5. Click Save


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