New Feature Highlights

Update your app to the most recent Invoice2go version so you have access to all the latest features and bug fixes. If you haven't done so, please update your app: click here for iOS and here for Android. Below are some of the latest features to come to the Invoice2go app!

Siri Shortcuts and iOS 14 Widgets



With Invoice2go Siri shortcuts and iOS 14 widgets, you can stay up to date on your business without even opening the Invoice2go app. Using our widgets feature, you can view top reviews or outstanding invoices on your device's home screen. 

Siri shortcuts can be added to launch specific sections of the Invoice2go app just by asking Siri. For example, you can set one up to say, "Siri, view reports," and Siri will launch the reports section of the app. 

To learn more on how to set up these features, check out this article

Customer Reviews 


Leaving_a_Review.gif Accessing_Reviews_30fps.gif


Another feature new to the Invoice2go experience is Customer Reviews. When a client pays online in full, they will be asked to leave a 1-5 star review on 5 different aspects of your business, in addition to an optional written review. Customer reviews are 100% private, meaning they will only be housed within the Invoice2go app unless you choose to share them somewhere. Additionally, reviews will be 100% optional for your customers and will in no way impede their ability to pay an invoice. For more information on customer reviews, including how to request them from clients that pay invoices offline, check out this article

QuickBooks Integration

You can now sync your Invoice2go account with your QuickBooks account using our latest integration. Once connected, every invoice marked as fully paid will sync with your QuickBooks account, along with client and item information. 

This integration can be set up via our web application by going to Account & settings > Connect to QuickBooks. To learn more about this integration, check out this article


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