Adding Team Members and Setting Permissions

The Team Members feature allows the account owner and users with “Access to everything” the ability to add users and set their permissions.

After you add team members to your account, you can set their access level to either “Access to everything” or  “Limited Access.”  

  • Access to everything users are able to create and edit documents, see and change all documents, reports and settings
  • Limited access users can create documents only, but will not be able to access reports, view or manage settings or export company data

The account owner will be the user who initially set up the Invoice2go account. The account owner will be indicated in the team members section of your account and settings on our web application. If you would like to transfer account ownership to another user, please submit a request to our support team here.


  1. Click on your Company name in the upper right corner
  2. Click on Accounts & settings
  3. Click on Team members
  4. Click on Add team member
  5. Enter your team member’s email address
  6. Under the Access drop-down list, set your team member’s permission to either Access to everything or Limited access
  7. Click on Add

Team Members is an Invoice2go premium feature that is available to Advanced and Unlimited plans. If you are on a Lite or Standard plan and would like to add team members and set their permissions, upgrade now to use Team Members.

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